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Notebook batteries

The use of rechargeable laptop battery is the relative advantage of one of the desktop, it can greatly facilitate the environment in a variety of laptop use. Introduced the first battery is a nickel-cadmium battery (NiCd), but the Hp F2024B batteries have a "memory effect", each charge to be discharged, very easy to use, and soon they were nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH) replaced, NiMH not "memory effect", and the weight per unit to 10 percent more electricity. At present, the most commonly used battery is lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion), it has no "memory effect" compared with NiMH, receive more weight per unit of electricity, the price twice as high than the NiMH. In the same weight, the use of the three longer than the battery is 1:1.2:1.9. There is also a battery called polymers, very high capacity, small size, the majority used in Apple Computer.
At present, the use of notebook computer batteries in three main categories: 1. Ni-Cr battery, 2. Ni-MH battery, 3. Lithium batteries; they are generally expressed as: Ni-Cd NI-CD, Ni-MH NI-MH, lithium LI.
Purchase or replace the laptop battery when, for many users, the "Hp F4812A batteries" may be unfamiliar. First statement, batteries and battery are the two concepts. A battery is a number slightly larger than the thumb, cylindrical, about 7-8 cm, voltage of 3.6v small units, it is called professional called 18650, Sanyo and Samsung is the largest producer. Batteries , like a small battery, the combination of tandem, that is, we can see the battery. Then talk about how to judge the battery is the core of a few:
One way: unplug the battery number of contacts to see him, there are several that several of the core. But this is the "Minister" approach. We take a look at "Cao Chong" is how, "said the elephant" of: take a look at the number of your battery v nominal, such as 14.4v, and then divided by 3.6 to be 4, it proved to be in series with the battery 4. And then take a look at the capacity of the battery block, for example, 4400mAh, then proved to be the two groups mentioned above batteries in series, because the small battery capacity of 2000-2200mAh, or even more, and together the two groups can be reached 4400mAh. According to the two judgments, then the battery is 4 × 2 = 8 cores.
Composition notebook battery
Notebook batteries by the case, circuit board components and Sony VGP-BPS3batteries are lithium-ion battery. It is generally talking about batteries means the Sony Vgp-bps2 battery is the number of batteries, mAh refers to the capacity of notebook batteries.
The main circuit board by the protection circuit (or the second protection circuit), as well as the capacity of the two parts of the circuit composed of the instructions on the laptop battery charge and discharge management and safety.
Notebook battery standby time of major decisions by the mAh value. Under normal circumstances, a few more batteries, mAh value the greater the longer standby time. Notebook battery life mainly by the number of charge-discharge measurement, the quality of the products are generally qualified for 500-600 times. Therefore, the effective use of laptop batteries for 2 years, will expire aging batteries, standby time the impact of the drastic drop in the mobility of notebook computers.

Experts solve the five major notebook troubles

To express appreciation of the vast numbers of users has been the support of the World network, we focused on the use of notebook users encountered some trouble, go to the relevant funding body of the laptop experts, selected by everyone experiencing the five issues, to the vast number of users friends supporting ideas.
1, friends, Mr. Wang is an electrical engineer job, use of the Acer Aspire 1680 Battery is the Haier T61, as reflected in his notebook battery life issue is a comparatively short time.
Expert advice: the same notebook batteries are consumable items, and many manufacturers in the promotional campaign that notebook battery in case power is still able to support more than four hours to run, but in fact in power, the battery life and user operation There are a lot of the relationship between the procedures, if only to see movies, running a number of relatively simple procedures, life would be a relatively long time point. And if it is to play games or use some of the design of large-scale software, the general can only maintain the 1 - 2 hours.
2, and some Pavilion ZV6000 battery users reflect the noise, always use the time to hear the voices of a number of hula hula.
Expert advice: have a notebook noise usually comes from fans. The size of the Pavilion DV6000 battery noise is a manifestation of CPU power. Support needed for the operation of CPU heat dissipation. If it is not the cause of the accident, the general noise makers in the design will take into account the time. If it is the impact of the use of after-sales service can help find a solution, or feedback to the manufacturers, should be a good solution.
3, Wu friends, at school and university students. Reflected in the quarters to use the computer, always feeling hot feeling like notebook, notebooks have been asked is this the case of heat, will have damage to the notebook.
Expert advice: the issue of laptop cooling fans has been a vast number of notebook issues of concern, although the manufacturers have been addressing this problem, but long-lasting heat is always difficult to eliminate, so it certainly has been hot on the notebook itself, the other hardware damage, if it is a very good hostel there is no thermal environment, it is recommended in hot weather should not Win
Line the procedure is too large, you can buy in the shops a number of notebook accessories notebook cooling base, the general base are embedded heat 1 - 3 small fans, those fans on the notebook's battery, as well as better machine than the heat to help, so that the relative protection in good books, but also to maximize the use does not affect users.
4, Mr. Zhang users engaged in management occupations, the use of the notebook is a Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery, in the use of the boot process more slowly, so the notebook has been suspected to be not a problem.
Expert advice: slow boot laptop, the main boot may be more start-up items, you can type in the system between the start run command to start some unnecessary to ban it. Or some system software, such as optimization of the master, the start of clean-up look. Many notebooks now are used in Vista system, the system in a notebook because of their more intelligent behavior, the corresponding detection of more and more, it is relatively slow boot normal, with optimization of the master, to some unnecessary after the start of the prohibition, Battery for HP Pavilion DV8000 will start to upgrade the speed of a corresponding.
5, In addition, some users reflect the notebook with the Logitech keyboard is not compatible with some problems. This is I believe we are also concerned about the following, we will look at the recommendations of experts:
Expert advice: You can not use is normal, you use the USB interface keyboard on the much more convenient, but you are using a switch Sony PCGA-BP2NX interface, use the notebook keyboard interface is used can not be transferred, this movement is to interface the Question. Such circumstances there is no other method can only say that to another level is the change in interface or USB keyboard?? If it is not compatible, you can contact Logitech telephone companies to allow experts to answer the case.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Asus to launch G60 gaming notebook

ASUS notebook recently released a game - G60, 16-inch wide-screen, use the Intel Core 4-core processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, the default 320GB SSD solid state hard drive for maximum support 1TB SSD, Blu-ray drive for the GeForce graphics cards GTX 260M (1GB GDDR3), allegedly 3DMark06 score over 10,000 points.

Other conventional configuration is as follows: DHMI, SATA, Firewire, USB, 200-megapixel camera. Price £ 1500, listed in September.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Laptop Battery Tips

The biggest advantage of notebooks is its mobility, can not be considered space, the use of anytime, anywhere, that is of concern to it like it's the most important reason that the notebook has become the embodiment of environmental protection and energy saving is an important factor in the notebook performance. Typically, the majority of notebook computers to maintain the use of time of about two hours, if we consider the purchase of the battery and do not want to do another extension, no doubt, it is necessary to proceed from the perspective of energy saving power, today we have to share about the power of notebook a few tips.

Typically, the Friends of the HP f2299a battery the most sensitive point is direct - life. Life of notebook computing, there is a formula, namely: time = Battery Electric Power / computer total power consumption. Typically, the total power consumption can be obtained directly from the parameter table, and the battery will need to re-calculation of reactive power. Calculation of Electric Power batteries also need a formula, namely: Battery Electric Power = Battery capacity × DC voltage. These two parameters can remove the battery, see the back of the battery, as shown in Figure 2.

This Internet of the Samsung NC10 battery battery capacity of 5200 mAH (5.2 AH), DC voltage of 11.1 V, so for Electric Power 5.2 AH × 11.1 V = 57.72 WH. (Note: mAH: Reading for "milliamperes" generally as the capacity of the Hp f4812a battery unit. At 1 mA current output, the use of 1 hour of battery capacity spent one milliamperes when called; WH: Reading for the "Wh "is the unit of reactive power. 1 W of electrical power consumption of 1 hour is 1 watt when.) Thus, to calculate the battery life, assuming that: the total power consumption for the notebook battery 10W (watts), Electric Power for 57.7WH, then it's time = 57.7WH ÷ 10W ≈ 5.8H, that is 5 hours 80 minutes.

For details of the performance of Compaq 319411-001 laptop batteries, the need to understand several aspects of the Friends. First of all, by the formula we can draw the same configuration (near) the machinery, the greater the electrical reactive value of the longer battery life. Therefore, if the mobility of the Friends of the premise, buy books at a similar configuration should be to focus on the total battery Electric Power. Second, is the "batteries" of the discussion, namely Cell. Friends of the view that the majority of the 6 Cell Battery 4 Cell use than a long time, the visual impression is correct, but it is the same for the 6 Cell battery, high capacity, the use of time may not be president of some, because only two batteries the same output voltage, the larger the battery capacity, battery life was longer.

On the books "batteries", explain in depth here. Books from the battery-powered batteries, the market can see the single-core, 3 core, 4 core and 6-cell compaq PP2200 battery, of course, there are more, such as: 8 Core / 9-cell battery can be maintained group of about eight hours electricity, but the mainstream or 3 core, 4 core and 6-cell battery.

Multi-core battery composition, mainly by way of series-parallel connection, series for: the same power consumption, voltage sum; parallel way: the same voltage, power consumption add up. Details refer to Figure 3. Samsung notebook products as an example: 3 Cell battery, ND10 used only; 4 Cell battery pack to serial-based structure, the use of previous generation products, such as X11, R20, etc.; 6 Cell battery pack, the basic 2 and 3 Series structure, the main products were active.

Books day-to-day skills in the use of power

Day-to-day use, a number of energy saving techniques adopted, the books can also extend the life for us, especially for the large number of power "monitor", the effect is very remarkable. First of all, the laptop LCD display is a large power consumption and lower the screen brightness can be very effective in reducing the power consumption and extend battery life, the environment is dark do not need higher brightness, we can reduce it appropriate. At the keyboard, the majority of models to adjust the screen brightness of a combination of keys for the "Fn + F6/F7", the specific operating instructions can be found randomly.

Can effectively reduce the screen brightness to reduce power consumption books

Second, abolish the "Screen Saver", you can increase Compaq PRESARIO B2800 SERIES battery life. Stand-in and remain seated when the abolition of the Friends of the best screensavers, or power switch set to standby mode, this action in accordance with different operating systems, set up a different way, we will detail the next section. The elimination of the specific operation for the Safety Net: Office space on the desktop using the right, select "Properties" and select "Screen Saver", a direct choice "no" can be identified.

3. In the "sleep" mode, users can enable it, will leave his seat when in the stand, the easy response.

In the XP system, the power settings to complete these three operations, the energy of the book will be of great help to me.

Vista notebook system power skills

Vista for the new system, some people have done a test and found that the effect of open and open Aero sidebar, after more than an hour of electricity will be reduced to about 85 percent, and the closure of these two effects, the same time reduced the power only about 90%. The longer the gap the greater the Aero and the sidebar closed up 70 percent to the province's power. Through this point can be seen running, "fancy," the process of power really. Closer to home, Vista system with the XP system, better bring their own set of power control scheme, it was the ideal setting, the effect will be more ideal life. Specific operations as follows:

1. Click the system tray power icon will pop up as shown in Figure 14, floating window, here are three different power scheme. The default setting is "balanced", when the computer is idle long-term, it will automatically switch to power-saving mode, which is a more energy smart program. "High performance" mode, the system the fastest, of course, is the largest power; "energy-saving procedures," you can make to minimize power consumption, but this scheme will be reduced to some extent, the performance of the system, after all, difficult choices Sony PCGA-BP71 Battery.

2. Through the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "to change the power settings" on the battery can also be a more comprehensive set.

3. Interface tab in the first three the same interface, you can set up three models, namely, sleep, sleep and off. Three models, the more recommended "sleep" mode, and an additional password to wake up, it will not remain seated when the excessive consumption of electricity, but also can be password-protected interface.

4. In the "Select the display time to close", "change the computer's sleep time" and "mediation display brightness" option card, users can set up and remain seated on the machine to respond to the specific settings can be combined to operate from the environment, it is worth mention is: where should the screen brightness set to minimum value.

5. In the above-mentioned three tab, users can use the "Change advanced power settings" option, to conduct a more comprehensive energy-saving setting, this level tab is more than the level of coverage, such as: show appearance response time, screen brightness and so on are involved in, the user can also find more user-friendly.

Third, the adoption of some commonly used ports or hardware to "ban" can also be saved in mobile use considerable power. Similar to PC card, such as pulling, USB, IEEE1394 interface,Sony VGP-BPS3 Battery, such as any device, or disable the CD-ROM, wireless networks and Bluetooth devices can save electricity. Disable hardware devices, such as the common drive, as follows: Right-click "My Computer", select "Properties", then select "Device Manager" in the menu to find the hardware option, and in the pop-up menu, select " Disable "or" Uninstall "option. As for the wireless network and disable Bluetooth devices, it is through the shortcut keys to complete the specific operation of the models please refer to the relevant instruction manual.

Fourth, timely monitoring of system resources, books to adjust working conditions to reduce the process of reading time, this energy can also be based. Through the combination of keys "Shift + Alt + Ctrl", out of the process menu, and then set up to process resources, Ibm Thinkpad a30 Battery or run as a "super rabbit" and the system cleaner software to repair to collate modify system operation, not only energy-saving at the same time most system can save space, can be described as dual.

Finally, the right of the battery discharge, the battery characteristics can also be enhanced to achieve the ideal power supply. Most new laptops have a standard lithium-ion batteries, such batteries do not have too much on a full charge-discharge operation, but they still have a slight memory effect, the use of notebook computers in a year or so has become particularly apparent when , especially those in power every day, then use the users. Discharge operation ideal, should be every 2 months to conduct a complete battery discharge, and remove the cloth, and placed ventilation. This will increase battery life and maintain performance.

XP system notebook power tips

Running in the books, monitors, hard drives in a working state at the same time, sometimes the user for a long time because of various reasons not to do it, if they continue to work, this will result in waste of energy. Windows XP provides users with an ideal power management program, the user can according to their own set of the actual situation, it will not only save energy, but also more effective maintenance of computers, to extend its life. Power management settings for the specific steps:

1. Click "Start" button, select "Control Panel" menu, double-click "Power Options" icon, you can open the "Power Options Properties" dialog box. In the "Power Schemes" tab, in the "Power Schemes" drop-down list box provides users with six different options, based on the actual needs of the user can choose their own program. In the "power scheme settings" option in the region, we can turn off monitor, hard disk, such as the waiting time for different settings. If it is found that the program does not provide for themselves, users can customize their own power scheme, set up in this waiting time, click the "Save As" button.

2. In the "Advanced" tab, users can choose to use energy-saving settings, such as when you select Ibm Thinkpad t23 Battery "always show icon on the taskbar" check box and apply after the desktop appeared on the task bar kind of a small plug icon, but also the power button on the set of options.

HP 540 T5670 +160 G

HP 540 (NR259PA) using 14.1-inch wide-screen design, equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo T5670 "on behalf of Core 2 Duo" processor (1.8GHz GHz / 2MB cache / 800MHz front side bus), Intel GM965 + ICH8M chipset group, 1GB DDR2 memory, 160GB hard drive and DVD burner. At present, its offer for 3779 yuan dealers.

     HP 540 for the body size of 338 × 246.4 × 30.8mm, the body weight of 2.27Kg. It is equipped with a 14.1-inch WXGA wide-screen resolution of 1280 × 800.

     HP 540 fuselage to provide the following interfaces: three USB 2.0 interface, one VGA, RJ-11 port, RJ-45 interface, headphones, microphone, power jack, ExpressCard slot, card reader.

     Network, the HP PAVILION ZE5500 SERIES Battery built-in 10/100M Ethernet card and 56K modem, and 802.11a/b/g wireless card with. Life, it make use of 6-cell lithium battery-powered, the official nominal life of up to 2-3 hours.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) 540 (NR259PA)

14.1 inches screen size

Notebook processor Intel Core 2 Duo T5670

Frequency 1800 MHz notebook

Notebook chipset Intel GM965 + ICH8M

Standard memory 1024 MB

160 GB hard drive capacity

Display type TFT-LCD WXGA

Standard resolution of 1280 × 800

Graphics-chip high-performance Intel GMA X3100 integrated graphics

Wireless LAN 802.11a/b/g

Check equipment means touchpad (with wheel)

I / O interface 3 × USB 2.0,1 × VGA, 1 × RJ11, 1 × RJ45, 1 × stereo microphone input port, 1 × stereo headphone / line-out port

The appearance of the characteristics of 338 × 246.4 × 30.8mm

Notebook Weight 2.270 Kg

6-cell battery standard lithium-ion HP 530 battery

Pre-installed Linux operating system

     540 HP is the brand-specific low-end users of notebook computers economy, configure enough inexpensive.

Innovative qualitative mainstream solid-state notebook hard drive will be configured

Read because of its speed and durability size characteristics of light, SSD gradually attracted widespread attention. It uses ultra-portable notebook computers name started (such as Apple's MacBook Air and ASUS Eee PC),Hp F4809A has been classified as ultra-high price-matching products, have always been regarded as a symbol of fashion. However, with rapid updates IT hardware, SSD now has begun to fall into the hands of appeared in more and more among the mainstream notebooks. The era of solid-state hard drives come quietly. Both large and small notebook computers, or high-end gaming PC, this matching can be high-capacity, high-speed hard disk Chuan.
Solid-state hard drive
Ultra-portable products: on the present situation, Dell Inspiron 8000 Battery solid-state hard drives are widely used in ultra-portable products. Lenovo launched the IdeaPad S10, with a 4GB SSD. 10-inch ASUS Eee PC 1000, with a 40GB SSD, the price is less than 700 U.S. dollars.
Conventional notebook: HP EliteBook 2530p recently introduced to matching Intel 80GB SSD, which launched this month, Dell E4200 can also be matching the 128GB SSD. Even in the mainstream of Dell products are the emergence of SSD, such as 15-inch Dell LATITUDE C640 Battery and XPS M1530 has provided solid-state hard drive, and relatively cheaper prices.
The field of high-end games: SSD will be regarded as the beginning of the ultimate high-performance storage devices. Intel demonstrated a previous 80GB X25M SSD, its performance beat 7200-rpm, 500GB Seagate Barracuda hard drive record. SSD which reached 44,000 IOPS, and Seagate products is less than 550 IOPS. If this is the practical application of performance can be reflected, then the professional game for the PC manufacturer is very tempting.
In addition, along with flash memory prices continue to decline, Dell Inspiron 9100 batterySSD will be the cost down from the ultra-portable products, at no additional cost under the premise of each year using the average notebook SSD storage capacity will be upgraded. At present, the most critical is the PC manufacturers and consumer acceptance of the SSD to be raised there, but can be predicted that the future solid-state hard disk will become the mainstream notebook computer configuration.

Innovative qualitative mainstream solid-state notebook hard drive will be configured
Read because of its speed and durability size characteristics of light, SSD gradually attracted widespread attention. It uses ultra-portable notebook computers name started (such as Apple's MacBook Air and ASUS Eee PC),HP PAVILION DV8000 SERIES Battery has been classified as ultra-high price-matching products, have always been regarded as a symbol of fashion. However, with rapid updates IT hardware, SSD now has begun to fall into the hands of appeared in more and more among the mainstream notebooks. The era of solid-state hard drives come quietly. Both large and small notebook computers, or high-end gaming PC, this matching can be high-capacity, high-speed hard disk Chuan.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Japanese automotive lithium batteries to occupy half the world

For consultants in the new energy automotive industry researcher Sheng-mao that the current lithium-ion battery electric bicycle has been gradually, to expand in areas such as electric vehicles. With the global demand for lithium battery applications and expanding year by year. Li-ion battery is currently the global automotive industry is entering the phase of rapid development, the battery manufacturers to engaged in a fierce competition for market competition.
     According to Deutsche Bank research shows that dell inspiron 500m battery are willing to vehicle 10 with the following car companies to develop lithium batteries: 1) JohnsonControls-Saft (the United States and France, Johnson Controls and Saft joint venture); 2) A123 Systems, Inc. (from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , General Electric and other investors to set up, the company co-operation with the mainland groups); 3) LG Chemical (The company has subsidiaries in the United States CompactPower); 4) EnerDel (Ener1 and Delphi joint venture); 5) AESC (Nissan and NEC joint venture); 6) PEVE (Toyota and Panasonic joint venture); 7) GS Yuasa; 8) Hitachi; 9) Sanyo Electric; 10) Samsung.
     Alternative energy sources and authoritative editorial GreenCarCongress site MichaelMillikin forecast future vehicle manufacturers of lithium batteries, "three" is: 1) PEVE, 2) AESC, 3) LG Chemical. Most of these suppliers and companies signed at least two vehicles, and several of the world's major car companies in general to choose at least two suppliers of lithium batteries.
     For consultants in the new energy automotive industry researcher Sheng Mao pointed out that research can be found above, at present, Japan's lithium battery suppliers in the global marketplace is indeed a large advantage. However, in recent years in China Li-ion battery technology in the car also has to catch up, Dell Inspiron 600m Battery is the best in the industry, and recently its just with the German Volkswagen lithium batteries for electric vehicles to reach the supply agreement.

How to weather the crisis


June 22 reported on the 19th in the "Pioneering the future of China" Shanghai Yangpu Forum, chairman of the board of Lenovo Group Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi 25 years with the development of history has taught entrepreneur, in order to weather the crisis must be the development of the industry law.

"Enterprises and is the same as that of the 80-year-old man is concerned, is the crisis in the autumn and winter. But for young people, even if influenza is also not afraid of them." Liu believes that the enterprise's own health is the best way to tide over crisis , and to the healthy development of the host must be a deep understanding of the industry.

In the early 90 century, after the liberalization of national policy, a large number of foreign Ibm Thinkpad X61 Battery enter the Chinese market, the domestic PC manufacturers suddenly faced with tremendous competitive pressures. "At the time, can not think in all aspects of competition with foreign enterprises, we initiate the study of the computer industry and start their own problems."

Computer industry, under the impetus of the Moore's Law, the computer continues to introduce new components, and rapidly declining prices. "Computer parts prices are not rules, just like fresh fruits, if not today, immediately bought into the computer accessories sold tomorrow may face great risks." According to Liu, the association was in the absence of the case of ERP projects, significantly reduce inventory cycle times through 6 prices, computer prices will be pulled down, one to become the oldest domestic PC industry. "This stems from our cost structure through comparison of eating."

Of enterprises, Lenovo's gross profit margin was 25%, the cost was as high as 24 percent, sending 29-year-old Liu Yang of Lenovo's organizational structure and business model adjustments, "which has been the rapid growth to Lenovo in 2000."

IBM thinkpad a20 batteryhas long been M & A master

Lenovo Group in 2004 acquired IBM PC sector, has been the industry" Liu said that Lenovo was the reason why the courage to mergers and acquisitions, is also fully aware of the industry, based on a thoroughly well thought out would like to do after.

"At that time, we consider the acquisition of IBM there are three major risks, First, M & A also acknowledged that after the foreigners do not recognize the brand, and the other is an international team to be able to leave work for the Chinese people, and the third is the management of the running between the long term problems." Liu Chuanzhi believe that the first two problems are now resolved, and mergers and acquisitions in the most difficult to resolve the third question.

Management embodied in the run first so that the question of who will become CEO. "After the acquisition, Ibm thinkpad x21 battery has become an international enterprise, the shareholders are directors in the international community is very prestigious. Once a big loss, certainly put a fire CEO. Can not be done at home as before, by the largest shareholder of Lenovo Lenovo holding the final say. "Therefore, the choice of CEO, the acquisition of Ibm's first choice at the beginning of the Department of the IBM executives, after the Department has chosen Dell executives.

In five years, when students from abroad to find out the shallow water depth, when the financial crisis in a huge loss of Lenovo, the duty bound to re Liu out of the mountains, the official to help the global CEO Yang Yuanqing position. "I have now is the producer's role is to minister to the CEO when the logistics."

For the future development of ibm thinkpad t43 battery, Liu said, "One year later, if Lenovo continues, it is now in the cliff; if up, and Lenovo is now a turning point on."

Ibm ThinkPad X61 with Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 processor

The appearance of context, without too much description, is still a classic black design of the fuselage with a tough line atmosphere, creating a calm temperament able business. Side of the screen above package, stainless steel shaft connecting the screen above, the internal steel support, as well as Little Red Riding Hood, and is familiar with the details of design in people's eyes in the show. Screen, the 12.1 inches with a standard screen, support for the best resolution of 1024 * 768.

Configuration, this notebook is equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 (2.1GHz, 3MB L2, 800MHz FSB) processor, Intel GM965 chipset, 1G DDR2 memory, 120GB (5400 transfer) SATA hard drive. Configuration parameters in detail in the following table:

ThinkPad X61 (7675H4C)
Processor Intel (Intel) Core 2 Duo T8100 (GHz 2100MHz, 3MB cache, 800MHz system bus frequency)
Intel GM965 chipset
Standard Memory 1024MB
120GB SATA 5400rpm hard drive capacity
Matching CD-ROM
Display chip Intel GMA X3100 integrated graphics, the largest shared memory 384M
Display 12.1TFT LCD4: 3, the standard resolution of 1024 × 768
Network Connections / Wireless 56K V.92, Gigabit Ethernet, Intel PRO / Wireless 3945ABG wireless network module
Expansion interface TrackPoint with "Press-to-Select", do not support the fingerprint identification, 3 × USB 2.0,1 × IEEE1394, 1 × VGA, 1 × RJ-11, 1 × RJ-45, X6 UltraBase, SD card reader, 1 Type I / II PCMCIA
Battery 4 cell Li-ion Ibm Laptop battery
Weight (kg) 1.41
Operating system Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic
Characteristics of water-proof design, built-in security chip
Editorial point of view: as a thin and light notebook portability, excellent portability is the biggest highlight of this notebook, this IBM ThinkPad X61 Battery notebook body weight only 1.41kg, compact thin.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Samsung N310 review

netbook not a long time there may be concern about the netbook in the market is getting higher and higher degrees. First netbook from the now all netbook manufacturers everywhere, compaq 319411-001 notebook has been incorporated into the classification of an important product. ASUS easily from the PC to the HP mini netbook in the design are becoming increasingly fashionable, but also to the more extravagant.

In fact, the beginning of the original netbook is simple, easy-to-use, but the difference makers in the pursuit of competition. Into the netbook has a more stylish design element.

Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor
Chipset Intel i945GSE + ICH7M
Memory size of 1GB DDR2-667
160GB SATA hard drive capacity
Intel GMA945 graphics chip 224MB maximum shared memory
Built-in stereo audio sound equipment, chip, dual-channel stereo speaker
Product specifications 1.23KG weight
Specifications 10.1 inches screen TFT WXGA 1024 × 600 LED
Broadcom 802.11g wireless card wireless card (802.11b / g)
CD-ROM Specifications N / a
Function Interface USB × 3, three-in-one card reader built-in VGA port, RJ45, voice input, voice output hole, DC power jack, security keyhole
Four-battery capacity 7.4V 4000mAh (29Wh) Li-ion Samsung battery
Windows XP Home operating system
Cobblestone shape product features 1.3 million pixels camera

Korea University as a vendor, but also talk about design as a product of the core competitiveness. Its products are also very attractive. Samsung N310 is a fashion, to create an alternative concept of such a product, the use of rounded shapes of the pebbles, the use of a single color species. This simple, close to nature of product design in the luxury of many people to brighten in the netbook.

For this samsung laptop battery is designed, is said to be a source of inspiration for designers occasionally, when we are using eggs or stones hesitate appearance from time to time, it was the board will be eggs and stones coincide with the graphics. Thus the birth of a cobblestone shape ideas.

The view from the appearance of our products is also strongly reflect the nature of eggs and stones, the simple model. N310 At present, there are 3 color options, namely, ink black, red and turquoise blue Maple Leaf.

The fuselage in order to reflect the rough stone texture, surface texture similar to a wallet rubber material, the benefits of such a non-slip material, and not easily contaminated with fingerprints. At the same time, this could very well reflect the simple style of products.

Corner Office circular design of the design is very clear that when the screen closed, the edges is a smooth arc. All designs are everywhere reflected the close natural affinity products.

N310 uses LED backlight screen 10 inches, and borders on the screen to add a layer of dura mater. This Department is to protect the screen to do a good job, clean up easier, the downside is reflective easily. The top of the screen is equipped with a Su-1300000, as the network camera.

Screen using the sinking-type shaft, damping moderate intensity, the screen does not open easily sway timely. The largest screen opening angle of 130 degrees.

hp f2024b operating area of the same pure black design, shaft close to the screen is a row of speaker holes, to provide two-channel sound effects.

The top of the keyboard is not any shortcut keys, just the right set up a power button to start.

The use of chocolate floating keyboard, this keyboard is currently in the 12-inch small-scale application of the following special wide. Compared with ordinary keyboard, this keyboard is that the benefits of a limited increase in the thickness of key way to maximize this feeling of non-standard size keyboard.

Small touch pad, but a matte surface after processing, and around the smooth surface slightly different.

Touch pad below the mouse button, using the all-in-one design, soft touch buttons, one button design at the same time the force will be uneven, resulting in a difference of around will feel a lot of keys.

the bottom of the left side of the Status Indicator shows that the system state machine and the keyboard lock and so on, right trademarks intel Atom processor and Microsoft XP certification mark.

The Samsung x65 Series netbook, the interface part are relatively short. Safety lock the left side of interface, USB interface, cable interface, exhaust port, microphone and headphone jack.

Former side for the six-card reader

Followed by the right side of interface: two USB, VGA, Power Interface

No excuse for not setting back.

Placed behind the battery in a 3G interface module set aside, I believe this product will be launched in the near future 3G version of the corresponding.

In general, Dell Latitude d620 Battery (netbook) is mainly in the interface to meet their basic needs-based, three USB interface has been designed for basic enough for the netbook, interface layout is relatively reasonable, the shortage is not equipped with digital or high-definition interface. In the external expansion of the big screen there will be some restrictions.

Monday, June 8, 2009

MSI launch GT729 & EX723 Notebook

MSI has released the official website of the game, two new notebook models for specific GT729 and EX723.

Two notebooks with the MSI exclusive Turbo Drive Engine technology, in the AC mode, by pressing the Turbo button will be able to accelerate the realization of processor speed. With the ECO Engine power management technology can be five different operation mode switch to energy saving effect.

GT729 gaming Wind u100 battery used 17-inch display, a resolution of 1680 × 1050, using PM45 chipset, with Intel Core 2 processors, configuration ATi Mobility Radeon HD 4850 graphics cards using the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system, the maximum support 4GB memory, 320GB or 500GB hard drive to choose, with 6-cell or 9-cell msi Bty-s11 battery .

GT729 gaming notebooks with built-in 4 speakers and a subwoofer, with Bluetooth and 802.11b/g/n wireless network adapter, with USB, HDMI, RJ11, RJ45, D-Sub, 4 in 1 card reader, such as interface, configuration 2,000,000-pixel camera, shape size of 395 x 278 x 26.5-35mm, weighs 3.2 kilograms.

Games EX723 notebook introduced 17-inch WXGA + display, a resolution of 1440x900, using PM45 chipset, with Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Nvidia Geforce G110M card configuration using the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system, the highest support 4GB memory the option of 160GB, 250GB, 320GB hard drive, with 6-cell or 9-cell msi BTY-S12 battery.

Games EX723 notebook with Bluetooth and 802.11b/g/n wireless network adapter, with USB, HDMI, RJ11, RJ45, D-Sub, 4 in 1 card reader, such as interfaces, configure two million pixel camera, shape size of 395x278x33. 5-39.5mm, weighs 3.2 kilograms

Saturday, June 6, 2009

14-inch dell dual-core E6400 notebook

Dell Latitude E6400 series and LATITUDE D800 battery as up-to-date business a new army, regardless of work or the materials used are quite good. Dell Latitude E6400 Motion adopted 2 platform, Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 processor with the performance of NVS 160M graphics card is quite trustworthy.

Dell LATITUDE E6400 addition to the usual steady continuation of the style, the new machine designs have not a small breakthrough in the use of magnesium alloy casing machine design, while ensuring the quality of the machine at the same time raise the grade, in the above color E6400-year-old the biggest breakthrough, the use of dell Inspiron 9100 machine and the whole design, the style is quite a few black. 14.1TFT LCD widescreen with a bright, standard resolution of 1280 × 800, the excellent visual effects.
The models show a blue pen, to use precise positioning. Compared to the touchpad, I believe used to point pen users will be able to find the kind of familiar with the flu.
Configuration, the model based on the Centrino 2 platform design and Dell 310-6321, the use of Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 processor (2.4GHz, 3MB cache, 1066MHz front side bus), with Intel PM45 + ICH9M chip set, stability, and energy-saving tough. The use of graphics NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M alone significantly with 256M memory, graphics performance than the NVIDIA GF8400GS, are in support of professional OpenGL graphics engine series graphics cards. For business office, the new notebook graphics This is more suitable. 2GB DDR2 800 memory standard, 250GB SATA2 7200 to high-speed hard drives as well as DVD ± RW burner, a perfect data show excellent computing power.
Interface and expansion, Dell LATITUDE E6400 is equipped with four USB2.0 (one mixed-use interface and eSATA), one IEEE1394 FireWire interface, docking connector, RJ-45, headphone / speaker output ports, a microphone, as well as 5 1 Reading smart card. Network, with Gigabit Ethernet and Intel Wireless WiFi Link 5100 wireless card, scalability features of the notebook also has Bluetooth remote control, smart card reader, 200W-pixel camera and fingerprint recognition capabilities, very strong.

attachment  :extend dell latitude e6400 Battery life tips

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Asus F8HT58Dc-SL Notebook

ASUS F8 notebook series is the high degree of consumer concern, the market for sale than a series of fires. From the perspective of the user's choosing, ASUS F8 series itself there are a variety of configuration options, in order to meet the needs of different users to configure the different needs of today, we have chosen an AMD platform to F8Dc tested, but also so that everyone to find out, Intel and AMD platforms, the different characteristics.

The ASUS EEE PC 900 notebook computers equipped with the latest NVIDIA GeForce9300M G independent graphics, 160GB hard drive, 1GB memory, such as the mainstream parts, but also of a standard AMD dual-core processor. The configuration of the mainstream so people not only want to ask, this alone significantly AMD dual-core performance in the end of this how to do? Let us together the following practical measure to see if the standard of the AMD TL-58 dual-core processor F8HT58Dc-SL performance in the performance.

14.1 inches screen size
AMD dual-core notebook processors, Turion 64 TL-58
1900MHz frequency notebook
2 cache 1024KB
Bus frequency of 800MHz
Standard memory capacity 1024MB
160GB hard drive capacity
The type of DVD burner drive
Standard resolution of 1280 × 800
Graphics chip NVIDIA GeForce 9300M G
256MB memory capacity
Wireless LAN 802.11 b / g
Ethernet network adapter card 100/1000M
MODEM 56K V.92
Built-in camera built-in rotatable 1.3 million pixel camera
Case material "Cai Jing Yang drilling," the appearance of
WindowsVista Home Basic pre-installed operating system
Warranty time / way of two-year International Warranty, 1 year asus f8 battery warranty

Advantages: the appearance of the piano paint fashion, a more practical configuration.

Disadvantages: the design of multi-function button more plain, yet to be improved battery performance.

Design introduced

In appearance, the ASUS F8HT58Dc-SL (hereinafter referred to Asus a65 Battery) or the performance of notebook computers are more good.Toshiba Satellite A70 battery work look smooth and beautiful it looks. Black and metallic silver so that the co-ordination with this this gives people a sense of fashion.

Details of the design

ASUS F8 notebook computer using this full-size keyboard design, button design is more modest way, knocking them feel bad. Prolonged use will not be prone to fatigue. Multi-function keyboard with the top button, but the design slightly ordinary. For a home entertainment notebooks, such simple button design although generous, but slightly less than.

Ordinary notebook computer batteries used in long different ASUS F8 laptop battery used is a square. From the marking, we see that the ASUS F8 notebook computers equipped with the original battery capacity is 4800mAH. Here, we use BatteryMark software, the ability of their cells for testing.

Battery capacity of 4800mAh

Software testing, this capacity 4800mAh asus battery for this ASUS F8 notebook provides a 1 hour 56 minutes of working time. With regard to a dual-core AMD Turion 64 TL-58, NVIDIA GeForce9300M G independent graphics cards for notebook computers and the ability is still acceptable.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Laptop Battery secret

Earlier APPLE, DELL, SONY, HP and other international well-known giant of the notebook PC battery problems have appeared in the original recall? Today I would like to extend the topic to talk about some of the notebook battery knowledge to share with you?

Notebook battery why The more you use less electricity? Why do battery calibration function will power to restore a part of? How to charge the battery correct? All this power from the battery of the method for calculating the start … …

Whether it has been out of the nickel-metal hydride HP Pavilion ZT3000 batteries, now used in lithium-ion battery, or not commonly lithium polymer batteries, and even Future Star of the silver zinc batteries, are equivalent to the power of a storage warehouse, is the difference between them and out of the way the Treasury, the volume of stocks it. Notebook computer batteries, as well as those responsible for the management of a big battery - power computing chips, it is the management of battery, computing power, is responsible for charging and discharging of the “responsible person.”

In the measurement of IBM Thinkpad T42 battery technology, a common method of four kinds, but not a different brand of battery books only one way of calculating the power, usually using a combination of methods to one of the main method of calculating , and the remaining auxiliary power calculation means, the management. The first one is the open circuit voltage measurement, this method is by measuring the battery voltage under static values to calculate the remaining battery capacity, but as a result of stationary lithium-ion battery voltage and remaining capacity at the relationship between belonging to non-linear, Thus the measured value of this method is not accurate, the vast majority of mobile phone batteries are calculated using this method; the second is called Coulomb calculation, the method is by measuring the battery charge and discharge current, the current value and time value After the calculation of product integration has been carried out by filling the battery into the power and the release of electricity, Coulomb’s method is a more accurate method of calculating power; The third is the impedance measurement, IBM ThinkPad T60 Battery by measuring its resistance to be within the remaining battery capacity value; the fourth is a comprehensive look-up table method, by setting up a related form, the voltage, current, temperature and other parameters, you can query the remaining battery capacity.

Therefore, in addition to the internal structure of the battery batteries, there are management chip, chip which contains 1-2 kinds of batteries power measurement method of calculation, and a charge-discharge protection circuit. Laptop is in the system, and through access to the chip-driven interface, and then set on the battery management.

So, why the battery will become less and less power consumption, but implementation of the battery calibration function to restore a part of the capacity it can? hp pavilion Dv6000 Notebook battery 6-cell so-called General Electric, 4-core power, means that there are a number of battery cell batteries. So many batteries together, the more electricity is used the less fundamental reasons: batteries and the batteries between the quality of discharge can not be exactly the same level, such as discharge, the batteries which power a substantial reduction in In order to maintain voltage stability, the battery management chip will be in accordance with the “bucket principle”, according to the worst charge that the protection of core power, so after the electricity charge will decrease even more than the impact of irreversible cell of Chemical Physics change.

hp pavilion ZD7000 battery  calibration function is to balance the multiple batteries, the battery internal resistance as a result of their own can not be completely consistent, the internal resistance of a large battery will shoulder a greater current, leading to their own consumption more than any other battery, but also more wear and tear, so regular battery calibration is necessary - this can balance the burden of multiple batteries by “work”, thereby extending the overall life expectancy


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