Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amorphous silicon thin-film solar cells increased investment

As TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) technology has been very mature, large area amorphous silicon film uniformity of the silicon technology can be transplanted to the production of thin film batteries. The current practice is usually used in the TFT-LCD technology for the production of thin film transistor devices, to produce amorphous silicon thin-film solar cells. U.S., Europe and Japan's semiconductor equipment suppliers, are trying to enter this market. In addition to these providers in the market competition, one after another through mergers and reorganizations, personnel and other means to increase the recruitment of products, processes, equipment research and development, and strive to long-term competition in the market for a sustained competitive advantage.

In business investment, many of crystalline silicon cells in the manufacturers continue to enlarge and strengthen the existing products, but also look to silicon cells, their intention to improve and enrich the product line. Interestingly, more than the original solar industry enterprises, investment in the entire solar thermal encouragement, the silicon thin film solar cells have chosen as their entry point into the industry, in a bid to in this new market plan In the place. These new entrants to the solar industry a new face, but also exacerbated the industry's competitiveness and risk. According to incomplete statistics, only in China have at least nine new investment projects silicon thin film battery is being implemented, the design of the total annual production capacity of around 900 MW, while potential investors and ongoing projects are more pre-planned.

Raw material costs should be most concerned about

It seems that despite the current silicon thin film battery profit great, but now the face of this rapidly changing market customers and raw material supply chain environment, any hope that the people involved in this area should be well aware of the risks faced by the where, Effectively avoid and guard against those risks.

Use of internationally renowned simulation software company's software tools, and to collect data such as the production cost basis, we built an amorphous silicon thin film solar cell production line simulation model. Using this model the cost analysis, we can not only be the cost of flat products and its composition, but also in accordance with international practice the principle of the expenditure will be assessed to the various processing, thus clearly see that the expenditure of the overall cost of And the proportion of the causes, to accurately assess their risk level for the investment decision-making and production operations for reference.

Internal rate of return is a measure of investment projects of the important economic indicator. At the present market conditions analysis, one with an annual output of 40 MW-60MW silicon thin film battery production line project's internal rate of return far greater than 12% of the industry benchmark yield. Nevertheless, market and technical aspects of the uncertainty of the investment will bring huge risks. Therefore, we also focus on the simulation model to project internal rate of return for a sensitivity analysis. The results shown in Figure 2, the product of the sales price is the most sensitive factors. In practice, this was not surprising, the production of any of the benefits are directly determined by the sales revenues and cost of the product. The terms of solar cells, photoelectric conversion efficiency of the products also decided to battery components sales price of important factors. If the assumption that every watt of solar cells at the same, when the photoelectric conversion efficiency from 6 percent to 6.5 percent, a component of the sales price increased by 8 percent, while its production cost is almost the same, this will obviously The proceeds of the project have a great impact.

As at different times, different locations of their different objective conditions, the map of the specific data is not immutable, in some special conditions may even need to do more of the adjustment, but by the above analysis reveals some of the issues, it should be Is a common reference value.

Faced with investment still cool thinking

Investment boom in solar cells, silicon cells seem to have become hot spots in the hot spots. Experts have pointed out that thin film solar cell in the next five years -10 years will be about 50 percent of the annual average growth rate of growth to 2030 will account for the overall share of the solar cell more than 30 percent.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nokia 7210c

Nokia 7210c simplicity

Nokia 7210c is the latest in a low-end products, the aircraft is a design as a selling point to the fashion phone, changing the style, slim size into Modengbopu family had a "supernova" Now The new machine is only the latest price of 1,150 yuan, the price is not expensive, the interest may wish to consider a friend.

And the newly released Nokia 5000 and 5220 XM, like, 7210 c appearance in the outline of a candy bar on the same thin body of the "lightweight" body type, the thickness of only 10.6 mm (volume of 106 × 45 × 10.6mm), remove the battery, but the weight Is 69.8 g, chic, slim well the characteristics of the interpretation.

In addition to built-in about 30 MB of storage space beyond, 7210 c also supports microSD memory card expansion, but users must remove the back of the card can be hot-swap operation, and the support of the highest mobile phone memory card capacity of 2 GB. As plug microSD card is not too convenient, the user may choose microUSB data-access storage of data on the card, and 7210 c also supports USB2.0 full-speed data transmission.

Nokia recently introduced the year 5000, changing image of fashion, higher-pixel camera, support for memory card expansion are its strengths, and the price is not listed on the 7210 c expensive for ordinary consumers, very worthy of consideration shots.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Energy-saving building: the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany to see how the three developed countries to do

Japan: Promotion of four technology

Japan collection of residential energy-saving design embodied in four main areas.

First, improve the confined nature. Improve confined, is to minimize the wall, the courtyard and on the ground
Gou Peijian and building materials of all kinds between the cracks, minimize indoor and outdoor hot and cold air convection.
And not even confined to impose insulation materials can not achieve energy-saving effect. However confined of good living
I need to set up home ventilation, regular ventilation.

Second is to improve the insulation of. Is to improve the insulation of insulation materials, insulation Goupei Jian and Yan
Grid construction standards to reduce indoor heat loss. At present, the use of thermal insulation is to improve the performance of residential insulation
The most effective approach. Thermal insulation and the insulation of traditional methods, the use of thermal insulation materials will be room
Within the space completely covered up, leaving the slightest crack.

Third, the combination of a variety of energy use. That is, in addition to general power, can also use the sun
Energy, wind power, geothermal, fuel cells and all kinds of waste heat, reducing energy consumption in the petrochemical.

The fourth is three-dimensional green. Green is the three-dimensional structures can be as much as possible to increase green space -
The absorption of solar thermal plants, reducing the surface temperature of the building. Generally include the courtyard, balconies, wall
Walls and roof of the green.

Britain: pre-construction to audit energy consumption

The British Government recently made a decision, from April 2008 onwards, museums, exhibition hall and the Government Office
Construction of public buildings, such as energy consumption will be announced Zhangbang to mobilize social forces to strengthen supervision in order to promote the whole
States to achieve energy-saving emission reduction targets.

In Britain, pre-construction new building energy analysis report must be submitted to the local government building control
And the Office of Planning Committee on the examination, approval before construction. In the design of new buildings, the design staff
Must wind, light, cold, heat, sound consider the five elements of comprehensive energy conservation issues.

In the design, construction, fluid dynamics engineers to use the building to calculate the flow of air
Influence, to prevent the wind is too large, stadium and other public facilities affect the use of wind or too small, nuisance
Hinder the emission of air pollutants.

In lighting, design staff to make use of simulation software, calculated each year on the
When the sun's position, the light intensity, by improving the structure and direction to achieve energy-saving purpose.

Germany: passive housing development

Passive housing means housing does not need to take the initiative to basic energy supply in Germany, passive housing
Annual heating energy consumption per unit area, only 15 degrees, far below the current standard of 75 German unit.

Germany in the late 1990s and established the first real passive housing, at present, Germany
States have been passive for the 4000-6000 housing units.

Germany earliest passive housing built in 1999, 90 square meters per household for the three bedroom, the main
For the wooden structure. The cost of housing construction higher than ordinary housing seven percent and operating cost is very low, use
Solar heating, electricity can be self-sufficient, in 2004 a year of heating, water, electricity only
114 euros.

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Sony recall 440,000 notebook computers

Sony's recall of notebook computers up to 44 million units, of which the Japanese market to recall 67,000 units
Another 373,000 Units in 48 countries outside Japan sales. China also recalled the number of 78,000 Units.
According to Netease's technology abroad site on September 4 reported that Sony's Vaio laptop computers in the health
Deficiencies in the production process may notebooks overheated fire, the company has started to recall some of the middle class
Commodities. The recall of notebook computers up to 44 million units, of which the Japanese market to recall 67,000 Units, and
373,000 Unitsese in 48 countries outside Japan sales. U.S. to recall 73,000 Units, Sony China will
78,000 Units notebook defects to provide free testing maintenance.

It is understood that the recall of the product's problem is that its computer and connect the notebook battery site, as the place
Purchase short-circuit and the existence of the risk of overheating, the user may cause burns. According to U.S. goods
Safety Committee revealed that in the latest such incident in the short-circuit computer, a user was mild blanch
Injury, but so far, the United States the department has received 15 complaints related to the incident. At present, to
Is the computer models VGN-TZ100, VGN-TZ200, VGN-TZ300 and VGN-TZ2000.
Sony has called on the customers and contact them to determine whether their notebook computers in
The recalled the list, and once found the problem, customers need to immediately stop using their products.

It is understood that in addition to the U.S. market, Sony has so far received the world over 200 cases of the series notebook models
Computer complaints, decided to issue recall products.

Recall a similar incident in 2006, when Sony was forced to recall millions of notebook
Computer batteries, the reasons for such batteries are easily aroused notebook caught fire, and other issues. In August last year, including
Sony, Dell, HP, many companies have a problem because the battery recall. Also in this
In April, Acer because of its use of the products produced by the Sony batteries, also of 27,000 Units
Notebook computers were recalled.

May this year, the U.S. Commodity Security Committee also has another product recall ruling by the same
The fire at the security risks, the Commission asked Dell's recall of millions of notebook power fitness
Included. (Bridgetech)

The notes were models include:


VGN-TZ13 / B, VGN-TZ13 / N, VGN-TZ13 / W, VGN-TZ131N, VGN-TZ132N,

VGN-TZ16N / B,

VGN-TZ17N / X,

VGN-TZ18N / R, VGN-TZ18N / X,

VGN-TZ27N / R, VGN-TZ27N / X,

VGN-TZ28N / R, VGN-TZ28N / X,

VGN-TZ33 / B, VGN-TZ33 / N, VGN-TZ33 / W,

VGN-TZ37N / P, VGN-TZ37N / R, VGN-TZ37N / G, VGN-TZ37N / X, VGN -
TZ38N / X, VGN-TZ3

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Asustek, Acer challenges encountered intense competition NetBook

Intel's Atom processor shortage in the state has finally been eased in September, manufacturers in addition to Acer and the MSI NetBook start volume shipments, Lenovo and Dell's NetBook products coming out one after another, which also declared a war NetBook market The official start. The market leader Asustek, and was followed by Acer will face great challenges. So the two companies have had to increase their marketing budget to consolidate the market, Acer is the last in the U.S. market downturn Aspire One XP version of the price to 349.99 U.S. dollars, approximately 2,400 yuan.

Acer Aspire One

Intel's processors Atom shortage problem is resolved, Dell is expected in September will formally join the NetBook battlefield, the first model equipped with 8.9-inch display Inspiron 910, which use Intel processors Atom N270 (frequency 1.6 GHz), 945GSE chipset, 512 MB/1GB DDR2 800 memory, 4/8/16 GB version equipped with SSD solid state hard drive, pre-installed Ubuntu or Windows XP operating system, which includes the 4-cell battery weighs less than 1 kg, is currently estimated price of about 400 Dollars, or even lower, more targeted to the specifications of the leak before the final release of the product may be a result of market competition and more cost-effective.

Dell Inspiron 910

Also in September is Lenovo launched the 8.9 inches of IdeaPad S9 (priced from 2,999 yuan) and 10.2-inch IdeaPad S10 (priced from 3,999 yuan) two NetBook products, which IdeaPad S9 than 8.9 inches configuration similar to the price of Acer Aspire one More on the advantages, compared with the Dell Inspiron 910 is also low, but its designs on the performance of a more general, Lenovo's main lock NetBook products in the domestic market, Li Zu occupation of other vendors in this area.

Lenovo IdeaPad S9/S10

In fact, all manufacturers in the NetBook products on the configuration and design and not a very big gap between these products is the key to profitable price, marketing strategy and brand awareness. China's Lenovo and the U.S. Dell, each have their own best interests of regional marketing, the rising trend of the future will be very Meng, such as MSI, Gigabyte, and other manufacturers of the product is only NetBook Chulu Tau Kok, Acer and Asustek will experience The great challenge of the market, shouted earlier to 500 million units in the slogan of the actual volume has reached more difficult corresponding increase is expected on the market mainstream in the NetBook products will be in October after a sharp price-cutting promotion action will be Lee hoped that the vast number of consumers friends.

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