Thursday, June 12, 2008

Canon NP-E3 Battery review

Canon NP-E3 Battery review
A spare Canon NP-E3 Battery Pack is a key issue in the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II, Canon EOS 1D Mark II, EOS 1D or EOS 1Ds kit.
Since the Canon NP-E3 NiMH battery is, care must be taken to maximize battery capacity and life. Ni-MH requires less attention than NiCad batteries, but is not as careful as free lithium-ion batteries.
Chuck WESTFALL, Assistant Director / technical report Department Division camera / USA Canon Inc., Canon recommends implementing a new NP-E3 Battery Pack through 3 or 4 complete discharge / recharge before they complete cycles of normal use (or during the initial use). This procedure will maximize the capacity of the battery.
The Canon NP-E3 battery discharge / recharge complete the cycle performed in the Canon charger takes about 8.5 hours for the discharge cycle closer to 2 hours to complete a charge. The overnight is a good time to do this - is 10.5 hours long.
Chuck WESTFALL also added more information to professionals - a professional meeting in general the following characteristics: owns 2 or 3 batteries, uses his camera at least 5 days per week and an average of at least 1000 shots per week. The Canon NP-E3 Battery Pack for maintaining a professional recommendation is to refurbish each battery about once a month after the first conditioning.
Chuck also stresses that this is a guideline - not a requirement. Styles individual shooting may dictate setting of this recommendation.
My recommendation is to have at least two Canon NP-E3 Battery Packs. Keep one in the chamber until completely exhausted, keep the other (s) fully loaded into your bag - ready for immediate use. You are basically battery giving each of unloading / loading cycle each use.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Laptop battery problem

Do not have to worry too much
From the birth of the notebook computer that day, the debate on the battery has never stopped, because of persistent use of notebook computers is a very important technical indicators, and the decision of the battery capacity of notebook computers this important indicator. In the end how can we maximize the use of a battery of the effect of extending the life of the battery? » Below, we will list several people we often vulnerable to the error: (without a note for now are the most commonly used lithium-ion battery)
First, the first time the use of batteries, need to charge the three previous 12 hours »
This is totally not necessary. Because the notebook computers have improved power management circuits and charge management system, when the batteries reach saturation point, control circuit will automatically switch to the open circuit status, as long as it is on the line, the charge is not to say that the more time you can use the more long - The.
Second, in order to prevent the memory effect, only to run out, charging it »
Every time before recharging the battery discharge is not necessary and is harmful. Practice has proved that because of: the depth of the battery will discharge unnecessary to shorten battery life, propose that when the battery about 10 percent when used on a charge. Of course, when the batteries are still more than 30 percent of the electricity or at best not to charge, because the memory effect really exists.
3, insert AC, to the battery had to in order to prevent repeated charge and discharge it »
I will give you the proposal is: no! Of course, you can take the natural lithium-ion battery discharge to refute me, saying that the battery discharge naturally, if there is access to power will appear repeatedly charge and discharge the situation and reduce battery life. I give you "no" answer to the following reasons:
1. Notebooks now have the power control circuit design of this: When the battery is 90% (such as HP's most models) or 95 percent will be charged, and to achieve this through natural discharge capacity of the time for a thoughtful 2 , When cells do not have to idle for about a month to fully charge and discharge to maintain the capacity of the battery, this time you should be concerned about the battery should exercise the body and not be left idle after the re-charging.
2. Even if the Laptop battery "unfortunate" was once again charging, the loss will not be long without the battery than the decline in the number of electricity.
3. Your data than you or even your laptop batteries are much more rare, sudden power not only to your notebook harm, irreparable data is also too late to the regret.
4, need a long-term preservation of battery power? »
Read clearly on the table below: (percentage of the time the initial value of the relative saturation point percentage)
Storage temperature of 40% charge state 100 percent state of charge
0 degrees 98 percent (a year later) 94% (a year later)
25 degrees 96 percent (a year later) 80% (a year later)
40 degrees 85 percent (a year later) 65% (a year later)
60 degrees 75 percent (a year later) 60% (3 months later)
Obviously, if long-term preservation of the battery, as far as possible on the dry and low-temperature environment so that the remaining battery power in about 40 percent is ideal. Of course, the best month to come up with to use a battery, the battery can guarantee a good state of preservation, not to complete loss of power and damage the battery.
5, in how to use the notebook as far as possible the extension of the time it »
1. Lowering screen brightness. However, large-screen LCD power consumption, can effectively reduce the brightness of the extended use of time.
2. PowerPlay and open the SpeedStep power-saving function, and so on. Now the notebook and display processor chips have lower operating frequency and voltage to extend the use of the function of time, open its options can greatly extend notebook battery life.
3. The use of hard disk drives and the Jiangsu Software: If NERO DriveSpeed, PowerBooster software can reduce the drive, hard disk drives, such as the speed, can effectively reduce the power consumption notebook.
4. Make the best use of standby, sleep and other functions. When a longer time without the computer, allowing notebook standby or hibernation, saving power and extend the life of the computer.
Want to help you
6, final:
Of course, the above-mentioned five areas only users often encounter the situation and the general users confuse the issue of comparison. For notebook battery maintenance this topic, as you believe you will find that the use of the more problems, but also with the continuous development of notebook computers, perhaps now you see the problem in future laptops may no longer be Problem

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Compaq N410c latpop

Compaq N410c latpop: msg#00025
Subject: Compaq N410c latpop

Has anyone ever modified their bios dsdt? If so, could you lend me a
hand? I'm not sure where to start.

I've recently acquired a Compaq N410c laptop and ACPI doesn't work
properly using Linux. If I enable ACPI, the laptop shuts off after 5
minutes of use. I'm using a 2.6.18 kernel.


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Discount laptop batteries

After buying the latest, top of the line of portable reformed, it is suggested to buy a laptop battery quality that will ensure that the investment performs at maximum capacity. A built-in 7600mAH Lithium-polymer battery can extend the battery life notebook until 5 ~ 8 hours. There are laptop batteries on the market for all of the top brand of notebook manufacturers, as well as harder to find models.

Several websites offer a wide variety of portable batteries for all major manufacturers, like Dell, Apple and HP. Many of these sites sell the laptop batteries to big discounts.

But there are some things to consider when buying a laptop battery discount. First, circuit protection can prevent the battery to avoid overload or short circuit. Also, try to opt for a change of auto-output voltage battery, 14 -24 V to be automatically change based on different model laptop.

Some companies, such as laptop batteries 4 All, provide an extensive database of laptop batteries using the company name, number of laptop, notebook or battery part number. That offer great deals and discounts on laptop batteries. At this site, which offer major brands like Dell Laptop Batteries, Gateway Laptop Batteries, Laptop Batteries Sony, Toshiba Laptop Batteries, IBM laptop batteries, Apple Laptop Batteries, Laptop Batteries Compaq, HP and the laptop battery.

Another company, Lion Battery distributes products that meet the highest quality standards and specifications. Each product is proof of appropriate performance by the manufacturer and reviewed before they are sent to the customer. They place a high priority in fast deliveries. Routine orders will be shipped within 48 hours or less, and also respond to an urgent need to provide an immediate solution. is an online store that provides notebook and laptop batteries.

Discount Laptops provides detailed information about discount laptops, portable batteries discount, and more. Discount Notebooks is affiliated with Spy Cam Live.

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Buy Digital Cameras

There is a wide variety to choose from when selecting and buying a digital camera and digital camera battery. There are differences between the characteristics and digital camera can be an arduous task to be able to conclude that what is most excellent for you, however, can enjoy shopping for one.

With a digital camera can be easy to acquire and make use of images (not developing, darkroom, etc.) Some of them are relatively cheap $ 100 to $ 400. The most sophisticated cameras, are generally pricier that the aim and shoot types. They come loaded with features, and are usually larger in size with better angle lenses that allow broader and more sensitivity to light. They are priced from $ 600 to $ 2,000 range.

Another property to be taken into account when buying a digital camera is the total megapixel (MP) of capacity. One megapixel is usually the first unit resolution is in the descriptions of digital cameras. A megapixel equals a million pixels, or picture elements. The number of megapixels is proportional to the resolution or sharpness of the image. High resolution 24-megapixel digital cameras and greater are available.

Optical zoom influences the setting of optics (lenses) from the camera to the subject closest. Digital zoom is an electronic concept of digital video cameras. Digital cameras include both optical and digital zoom. A number designation usually refers to optical zoom and digital zoom. The digital zoom gives the appearance that the image closer, but the picture quality is diminished.

In investigating the descriptions of digital cameras, you see the term digital SLR digital, which means single lens reflex. These cameras use a mirror to direct light toward the viewer when you're composing a photo. The device allows SLR camera to accommodate a very wide range of focal lengths of lenses, and that's the main reason that dominate SLRs photography criticism. With a normal camera lens, you have to harmonize the viewing angle of the "takes" with the goal of "visualization" lens. Most models DSLR beyond entry-level models incorporate a Panorama mode Live, which allows the photographer to use the screen to create vaccines the same way they can with an instant camera.

As its name indicates, the ability to eliminate a lens and replace it with another - ranging from, for example, ultra-wide angle to telephoto super - is what these cameras separately. Most cameras kind of extremely long zoom lenses and cameras are sometimes called SLRs or megazooms.

To be a good digital photographer involves understanding many of the same elements needed to be a good film photographer and a camera lens reflex digital is a key factor. The size of memory cards and the amount of memory needed to store images is something you want to observe.
Batteries and battery life is important. Some cameras depleted batteries after little use. Others have been built in rechargeable batteries. Some digital cameras use a universal platform in front of the batteries that can be purchased almost anywhere.

The next step to decide on the best digital camera to buy what is assessed, if any, additional features you'd like. This may be an easy question to answer. The simple answer is that the camera lets you take the best picture possible, while remaining within their finances. And secondly, what is your style or fashion.

Try the cameras in their hands, if possible in stores. Try controls and consulting with the technical staff. Download or examine the manuals and brochures. Read the instructions and move through the camera menu pages. Lastly take some photos. Digital Camera battery,Some dealers will allow you to test the cameras. Whenever possible, evaluate the images from the cameras in the trial of more than one.

Hardieway Roger is a retired engineer and Amateur Radio Opera

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fujifilm FinePix F700 Review

Fujifilm FinePix F700 Review

Back in January 2003 Fujifilm announced a new type of image sensor called SuperCCD SR, this new sensor was set to revolutionize digital cameras to expand its dynamic range so that highlights would be maintained and photographic reproduction with what still closer to film. This new sensor succeeds in extending the dynamic range of having to photodiodes in each photosite location, a large photodiode that captures most of the dynamics (as a digital camera normal photodiode), a second much smaller photodiode which is less sensitive and picks most noteworthy detail. Information from the two photodiodes combine to offer extended dynamic range.

The FinePix F700 was announced just before PMA in February 2003 approximately one month after the announcement of the sensor, this new camera is the first feature for the Super CCD SR. After this announcement is complicating things, the F700 was delayed not once but twice, first in April for "Summer", and then in late June for "October". I am pleased to report that we now have a full production FinePix F700 and, therefore, can bring you this review.

SuperCCD SR: Marcos slideshow presentation
Please note that the slides are then given a presentation to journalists Fujifilm UK.

SuperCCD SR diagram of the structure, a micro, a color filter, two photodiodes by photosite SuperCCD SR designed to replicate the film negative of having two different sensitivity of photodiodes

Primary photodiode has a high sensitivity, but a relatively narrow dynamic range, captures dark shades and medium secondary photodiode has a low sensitivity but high dynamic range, four times higher than that of the high sensitivity photodiode

House DSP processor combines the output of the two sets of photodiodes to produce the final 'extended dynamic range image Weather Flow capture both photodiodes are exposed at the same time it is read first primary, secondary reads the last

Simulated advantage of SuperCCD SR simulated advantage of SuperCCD SR

If you're new to digital photography, you might want to read the Digital Photography Glossary before diving into this article (which can help you understand some of the terms used).

Conclusion / Recommendation / Ratings are based on the opinion of the reviewer, you should read the entire review before reaching their own conclusions.

The images can be viewed in a larger size with a small magnifying glass icon in the lower right corner of the image, clicking on the image will display a higher (typically VGA) image in a new window.
The Fujifilm FinePix F700 Camera battery code was fujifilm np-40 ,to navigate the review just use the next / previous page buttons, to jump to a particular section or choose the section in the drop-down menu or select it from the navigation bar at the top.

DPReview calibrate their monitors using Color Vision optical fiber in the (fairly well accepted) PC normal gamma 2.2, this means that our leaders can make the difference between all the (computer generated) grayscale blocks below. We recommend to take full advantage of this review should be able to see the difference (at least) between X, Y and Z and, preferably, A, B and C.


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