Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Laptop Battery Tips

The biggest advantage of notebooks is its mobility, can not be considered space, the use of anytime, anywhere, that is of concern to it like it's the most important reason that the notebook has become the embodiment of environmental protection and energy saving is an important factor in the notebook performance. Typically, the majority of notebook computers to maintain the use of time of about two hours, if we consider the purchase of the battery and do not want to do another extension, no doubt, it is necessary to proceed from the perspective of energy saving power, today we have to share about the power of notebook a few tips.

Typically, the Friends of the HP f2299a battery the most sensitive point is direct - life. Life of notebook computing, there is a formula, namely: time = Battery Electric Power / computer total power consumption. Typically, the total power consumption can be obtained directly from the parameter table, and the battery will need to re-calculation of reactive power. Calculation of Electric Power batteries also need a formula, namely: Battery Electric Power = Battery capacity × DC voltage. These two parameters can remove the battery, see the back of the battery, as shown in Figure 2.

This Internet of the Samsung NC10 battery battery capacity of 5200 mAH (5.2 AH), DC voltage of 11.1 V, so for Electric Power 5.2 AH × 11.1 V = 57.72 WH. (Note: mAH: Reading for "milliamperes" generally as the capacity of the Hp f4812a battery unit. At 1 mA current output, the use of 1 hour of battery capacity spent one milliamperes when called; WH: Reading for the "Wh "is the unit of reactive power. 1 W of electrical power consumption of 1 hour is 1 watt when.) Thus, to calculate the battery life, assuming that: the total power consumption for the notebook battery 10W (watts), Electric Power for 57.7WH, then it's time = 57.7WH ÷ 10W ≈ 5.8H, that is 5 hours 80 minutes.

For details of the performance of Compaq 319411-001 laptop batteries, the need to understand several aspects of the Friends. First of all, by the formula we can draw the same configuration (near) the machinery, the greater the electrical reactive value of the longer battery life. Therefore, if the mobility of the Friends of the premise, buy books at a similar configuration should be to focus on the total battery Electric Power. Second, is the "batteries" of the discussion, namely Cell. Friends of the view that the majority of the 6 Cell Battery 4 Cell use than a long time, the visual impression is correct, but it is the same for the 6 Cell battery, high capacity, the use of time may not be president of some, because only two batteries the same output voltage, the larger the battery capacity, battery life was longer.

On the books "batteries", explain in depth here. Books from the battery-powered batteries, the market can see the single-core, 3 core, 4 core and 6-cell compaq PP2200 battery, of course, there are more, such as: 8 Core / 9-cell battery can be maintained group of about eight hours electricity, but the mainstream or 3 core, 4 core and 6-cell battery.

Multi-core battery composition, mainly by way of series-parallel connection, series for: the same power consumption, voltage sum; parallel way: the same voltage, power consumption add up. Details refer to Figure 3. Samsung notebook products as an example: 3 Cell battery, ND10 used only; 4 Cell battery pack to serial-based structure, the use of previous generation products, such as X11, R20, etc.; 6 Cell battery pack, the basic 2 and 3 Series structure, the main products were active.

Books day-to-day skills in the use of power

Day-to-day use, a number of energy saving techniques adopted, the books can also extend the life for us, especially for the large number of power "monitor", the effect is very remarkable. First of all, the laptop LCD display is a large power consumption and lower the screen brightness can be very effective in reducing the power consumption and extend battery life, the environment is dark do not need higher brightness, we can reduce it appropriate. At the keyboard, the majority of models to adjust the screen brightness of a combination of keys for the "Fn + F6/F7", the specific operating instructions can be found randomly.

Can effectively reduce the screen brightness to reduce power consumption books

Second, abolish the "Screen Saver", you can increase Compaq PRESARIO B2800 SERIES battery life. Stand-in and remain seated when the abolition of the Friends of the best screensavers, or power switch set to standby mode, this action in accordance with different operating systems, set up a different way, we will detail the next section. The elimination of the specific operation for the Safety Net: Office space on the desktop using the right, select "Properties" and select "Screen Saver", a direct choice "no" can be identified.

3. In the "sleep" mode, users can enable it, will leave his seat when in the stand, the easy response.

In the XP system, the power settings to complete these three operations, the energy of the book will be of great help to me.

Vista notebook system power skills

Vista for the new system, some people have done a test and found that the effect of open and open Aero sidebar, after more than an hour of electricity will be reduced to about 85 percent, and the closure of these two effects, the same time reduced the power only about 90%. The longer the gap the greater the Aero and the sidebar closed up 70 percent to the province's power. Through this point can be seen running, "fancy," the process of power really. Closer to home, Vista system with the XP system, better bring their own set of power control scheme, it was the ideal setting, the effect will be more ideal life. Specific operations as follows:

1. Click the system tray power icon will pop up as shown in Figure 14, floating window, here are three different power scheme. The default setting is "balanced", when the computer is idle long-term, it will automatically switch to power-saving mode, which is a more energy smart program. "High performance" mode, the system the fastest, of course, is the largest power; "energy-saving procedures," you can make to minimize power consumption, but this scheme will be reduced to some extent, the performance of the system, after all, difficult choices Sony PCGA-BP71 Battery.

2. Through the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "to change the power settings" on the battery can also be a more comprehensive set.

3. Interface tab in the first three the same interface, you can set up three models, namely, sleep, sleep and off. Three models, the more recommended "sleep" mode, and an additional password to wake up, it will not remain seated when the excessive consumption of electricity, but also can be password-protected interface.

4. In the "Select the display time to close", "change the computer's sleep time" and "mediation display brightness" option card, users can set up and remain seated on the machine to respond to the specific settings can be combined to operate from the environment, it is worth mention is: where should the screen brightness set to minimum value.

5. In the above-mentioned three tab, users can use the "Change advanced power settings" option, to conduct a more comprehensive energy-saving setting, this level tab is more than the level of coverage, such as: show appearance response time, screen brightness and so on are involved in, the user can also find more user-friendly.

Third, the adoption of some commonly used ports or hardware to "ban" can also be saved in mobile use considerable power. Similar to PC card, such as pulling, USB, IEEE1394 interface,Sony VGP-BPS3 Battery, such as any device, or disable the CD-ROM, wireless networks and Bluetooth devices can save electricity. Disable hardware devices, such as the common drive, as follows: Right-click "My Computer", select "Properties", then select "Device Manager" in the menu to find the hardware option, and in the pop-up menu, select " Disable "or" Uninstall "option. As for the wireless network and disable Bluetooth devices, it is through the shortcut keys to complete the specific operation of the models please refer to the relevant instruction manual.

Fourth, timely monitoring of system resources, books to adjust working conditions to reduce the process of reading time, this energy can also be based. Through the combination of keys "Shift + Alt + Ctrl", out of the process menu, and then set up to process resources, Ibm Thinkpad a30 Battery or run as a "super rabbit" and the system cleaner software to repair to collate modify system operation, not only energy-saving at the same time most system can save space, can be described as dual.

Finally, the right of the battery discharge, the battery characteristics can also be enhanced to achieve the ideal power supply. Most new laptops have a standard lithium-ion batteries, such batteries do not have too much on a full charge-discharge operation, but they still have a slight memory effect, the use of notebook computers in a year or so has become particularly apparent when , especially those in power every day, then use the users. Discharge operation ideal, should be every 2 months to conduct a complete battery discharge, and remove the cloth, and placed ventilation. This will increase battery life and maintain performance.

XP system notebook power tips

Running in the books, monitors, hard drives in a working state at the same time, sometimes the user for a long time because of various reasons not to do it, if they continue to work, this will result in waste of energy. Windows XP provides users with an ideal power management program, the user can according to their own set of the actual situation, it will not only save energy, but also more effective maintenance of computers, to extend its life. Power management settings for the specific steps:

1. Click "Start" button, select "Control Panel" menu, double-click "Power Options" icon, you can open the "Power Options Properties" dialog box. In the "Power Schemes" tab, in the "Power Schemes" drop-down list box provides users with six different options, based on the actual needs of the user can choose their own program. In the "power scheme settings" option in the region, we can turn off monitor, hard disk, such as the waiting time for different settings. If it is found that the program does not provide for themselves, users can customize their own power scheme, set up in this waiting time, click the "Save As" button.

2. In the "Advanced" tab, users can choose to use energy-saving settings, such as when you select Ibm Thinkpad t23 Battery "always show icon on the taskbar" check box and apply after the desktop appeared on the task bar kind of a small plug icon, but also the power button on the set of options.


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